Hidden Tricks in iDVD 5, Part 6 By Dave Nagel We've explored methods for modifying button highlights in Apple's iDVD 5. But not all highlights are the same. In some cases, themes in iDVD use text-only buttons and supply you with a bullet-style highlight that appears next to the text, rather than over an asset, as with standard highlights. And, just as with standard highlights, it's possible to modify this bullet highlight to suit your needs. ...Read More »
Custom Patches in DVD Studio Pro 4, Part 3 By Dave Nagel In the first two parts of this tutorial series, we looked at how to create motion masks and custom highlights for buttons. This time around, we're going to substitute our own motion graphics into the patches--the final step in basic patch-based button creation. ...Read More »
Hidden Tricks in iDVD 5, Part 5 By Dave Nagel We've seen now in iDVD 5 that it's possible to create custom buttons and custom highlights and motion-based buttons with motion masks. But it's also possible to do all of these things with drop zones, which is great for when you want to create a series of discs with common background elements without having to go through the hassle of making new motion graphics for each one. So in this latest installment in our "Hidden Tricks" series, we'll learn how to create these custom drop zones. ...Read More »
Hidden Tricks in iDVD 5, Part 2 By Dave Nagel In Part 1 of this article series, we looked at a method for changing existing buttons in Apple's iDVD 5 so that you could have your own, custom button styles for your projects. However, that method involved replacing an existing button with your new buttons. This time, we'll look at a method for adding new buttons without replacing old. But we won't stop there. We'll also look at a method to change the physical dimensions of your buttons so that they can be any size you want. ...Read More »
Hidden Tricks in iDVD 4, Part 3 By Dave Nagel You've gone to the trouble of creating a graphically rich presentation in iDVD--custom buttons, custom highlight shapes, custom background--only to have the whole thing marred by that awful default yellow highlight color used in so many of iDVD's themes. But there is a way to assign your own custom highlight colors to your project. It's just another of the many hidden secrets of iDVD 4. ...Read More »
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