Real-time video streaming is the new craze in the business world By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Live streaming options and tips that will help grow your business. ...Read More »
Broadcasting To The Masses At La Porte Ouverte Chretienne Each mass is attended by more than 2,000 people, and "virtually" by thousands more, as services are also streamed live to the church's website. For an even wider reach, church services are published on DVD within a week. Jéry Vannieu (Vanniewenhuyse) is the technical director at La Porte Ouverte Chrétienne. With a background in audiovisual technology, Mr. Vannieu has worked in audiovisual production as a freelance technical event director for concerts, youth gatherings and festivals for more than 10 years. Already a member of La Porte Ouverte Chrétienne, he was delighted to be invited to collaborate on audiovisual projects involving multiple media, including TV and streaming live to the Internet. ...Read More »
BurnWorld`s Holiday Blu-Ray/DVD Contest Going On Now By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld Starting today Dec 7, 2011 through Dec 30 is running a Holiday Blu-Ray giveaway contest featuring a Toshiba Wi-Fi Blu-Ray disc player valued over $100 and a few licenses of the recently released 123 Copy DVD Platinum HD 2012 and 123 Copy DVD Gold 2012, values at $70 and $50 respectively. ...Read More »
The Business Benefits to Podcasting Podcasting can be an invaluable asset, increasing the visibility of your career or business. Here are the tools you need to make it work for you. ...Read More »
ASSIMILATE Announces SCRATCH Product Family on Mac OS X NAB 2011: ASSIMILATE (, the leading provider of powerful post-production tools for digital workflows, announced today that is bringing its next generation of SCRATCH high-performance, data-centric, dailies and DI products to Mac OS(r) X. ...Read More »
Content Insider #89 By Miles Weston The human brain can absorb only so much before stuff starts spilling out. Many claim next generation DVD isn't being adopted because of format "issues." Wrong! If good enough is good enough why learn to use something new? Instead, it's a good day for watching baseball. ...Read More »
Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: The Blu-ray Perspective, Part 2 By Charlie White In Part 2 of this extensive four-part interview, Consumer Electronics Net talks with Andy Parsons, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Pioneer USA and the Chair of the Blu-ray Disc Association's US Promotion Committee. In this second part, Parsons talks about compression formats used for Blu-ray content, and details what Pioneer is doing to improve performance of its Blu-ray player before it reaches the marketplace. He also explains why the Blu-ray players were beaten to market by their rival HD DVD format, and why the marketplace would prefer having just one high-definition disc format rather than dual-format players ...Read More »
Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: The Blu-ray Perspective, Part 1 By Charlie White The format war for dominance in the high-definition packaged media business has gotten off to a rocky start for both HD DVD and Blu-ray. In this extensive interview, Consumer Electronics Net talks with Andy Parsons, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Pioneer USA and the Chair of the Blu-ray Disc Association's US Promotion Committee. In part 1, Parsons gets us up to speed with the existing players available now, and asserts that the competition between the two formats is not as close as some commentators say. ...Read More »
13-Inch MacBook Benchmarks 1 By Dave Nagel As the replacement for Apple's consumer-level iBook line, the new 13-inch MacBook isn't being marketed toward creative professionals. Nevertheless, packed with one of the most powerful mobile processors on the market--a 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo--this little notebook offers amazing rendering and encoding performance. But is it good enough to compete with the MacBook Pros and with desktop G5 systems? Surprisingly, yes, it is. ...Read More »
MacBook Pro Benchmarks: Final Cut Studio 5.1 By Dave Nagel You already know that Apple's MacBook Pro is fast. Certainly much faster than the previous generation of Apple's laptops. But how does it hold up against G5 desktop systems? That's a question you'd want answered if you're considering switching from a PowerPC-based Mac to the current offering of Intel-based Macs for professional production. In this first benchmark analysis, we'll compare a 2.16 GHz MacBook Pro running against a dual 2 GHz G5 desktop running Apple's new Final Cut Studio 5.1. ...Read More »
Final Cut Studio Update Coming Sooner Than Expected? By Dave Nagel Apple Final Cut Studio's move to Universal Binary form may be coming sooner than previously anticipated by users. Without committing to a specific release date, Final Cut Studio Product Manager Paul Saccone told DMN today that he believes the Universal Binary version of Final Cut Studio will arrive "sooner than most people expected." ...Read More »
Motion Graphics Los Angeles By Ko Maruyama Steve Kilisky, Dave S., Giles Baker and several other members the Adobe After Effects team flew in from Seattle to introduce Adobe's Creative Suite Production Studio (including After Effects 7) to a packed house at the Motion Graphics Los Angeles meeting on Tuesday night in Hollywood, California at the Barnsdall Art Park. ...Read More »
DVD Insider: Computex, Apple Shift to Intel, InfoComm By Miles Weston In this edition of DVD Insider, DMN’s Miles Weston looks over the newest gadgets at Computex, ogles the sex and sizzle of the Mac platform shift to the Dark Side of Intel and rounds up infoComm. Weston notices that at trade shows you quickly realize that there is a lot of truth to John Guare’s play and the movie adaptation, Six Degrees of Separation. There may well be billions of people on this planet but manufacturers and show visitors run in the same circle. ...Read More »
NAB 2005 Sports Packed Halls with Plenty to See By John Virata This year's NAB seemed to be a busier show than last year. The halls were packed with people as was the monorail that efficiently transported many attendees to and from the hotels on the monorail line. NAB reported that more than 100,000 attendees came to check out all the technologies and products at the show. There was a lot to be seen and the noise level (literally and figuratively) in the halls reached peak levels. ...Read More »
JamSync's KK Proffitt By Frank Moldstad Eight years ago, a new kind of studio moved into Nashville's famous Music Row, taking over a 1920s Tudor-style house and transforming it into the city's first surround sound production house. That studio is JamSync, and today its business is booming, while several of the neighboring studios on that end of the Row have been converted to doctor's and lawyer's offices. Recently, we spoke with JamSync's Chief Engineer KK Proffitt about her approach to surround mixing. ...Read More »
Shooting Montana's West Glacier Fire By John Virata The Western United States has been experiencing a severe drought for many years, and partly because of this, fires have been ravaging the region's dry forests. Virtually every state in the region has experienced forest fires in the last four years. One state, Montana, has experienced some really devastating infernos. Montana resident and award winning videographer Jim Kinsey has documented several of these fires, including the state's Robert, Wedge, and Trapper Creek fires, the 2000 fires that burned through Western Montana, and the West Glacier fire of 2003, of which more than 145,000 acres of forest park land burned. ...Read More »
Understanding Dual Layer DVD Recording By Robert DeMoulin While consumers around the world have enjoyed burning their own DVDs for a few years now, the inevitable question of “what’s next” is now upon the industry. Certainly, blue laser technologies such as Blu-Ray will one day become affordable and prevalent; however, consumers today are still very much in love with DVD. The DVD format is mature, high-quality content is widely available, and players are low cost and now installed in approximately 53 percent of U.S. households. ...Read More »
Digital Media Net Launches 5 Macintosh Publications By Lou Wallace Digital Media Net today announces the launch of a new cluster of publications targeted specifically toward Macintosh creative professionals. With the debut of the five new Mac-centric sites, DMN now produces more than 50 online trade publications and newsletters, strengthening its position as the world's leading provider of industry information for the digital content creation market. The new sites address the needs of Macintosh professionals in five industry segments: audio, video, DVD, design and animation. ...Read More »
Roundup: Mac Rules at NAB By Dave Nagel If there's one question on the mind of every Macintosh creative professional right now, it's, "Did you strike it rich on your trip to Vegas last week, Dave?" No, I didn't, dear reader. (But thanks for asking.) Interesting story though: While I was stumbling around the streets of Las Vegas, I somehow found myself in the environs of the convention center there, where I discovered there was a little event happening called NAB 2004. Thinking it might be a good place to grab some free food, I secured myself a press pass in the usual fashion and headed on in. Long story short, there was actually very little free food inside. But there were some companies showing off some pretty neat stuff to the 97,544 assorted personages gathered within ...Read More »
First Impressions: Apple at NAB By Dave Nagel As of this week, there are apparently two kinds of people in the world of creative production: those who have fallen to their knees in awe of Apple's new products and those who simply haven't had a chance to see them yet. Why? This week at the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, Apple unveiled new and updated software production tools and announced other developments that literally drew gasps and cheers from convention attendees and set off waves of speculation over the company's determination to dominate the market at all costs. ...Read More »
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