Broadcasting To The Masses At La Porte Ouverte Chretienne Each mass is attended by more than 2,000 people, and "virtually" by thousands more, as services are also streamed live to the church's website. For an even wider reach, church services are published on DVD within a week. Jéry Vannieu (Vanniewenhuyse) is the technical director at La Porte Ouverte Chrétienne. With a background in audiovisual technology, Mr. Vannieu has worked in audiovisual production as a freelance technical event director for concerts, youth gatherings and festivals for more than 10 years. Already a member of La Porte Ouverte Chrétienne, he was delighted to be invited to collaborate on audiovisual projects involving multiple media, including TV and streaming live to the Internet. ...Read More »
BurnWorld`s Holiday Blu-Ray/DVD Contest Going On Now By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld Starting today Dec 7, 2011 through Dec 30 is running a Holiday Blu-Ray giveaway contest featuring a Toshiba Wi-Fi Blu-Ray disc player valued over $100 and a few licenses of the recently released 123 Copy DVD Platinum HD 2012 and 123 Copy DVD Gold 2012, values at $70 and $50 respectively. ...Read More »
BurnWorld's Summer DVD Burning Contest Going On Now Starting today Sept 2, 2011 through Sept 15 is running a contest by giving away a Samsung Slim External DVD Writer that is perfect for those that want to take optical media on the go. ...Read More »
Basics for Working with DVD Video By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld On a typical day I usually receive around 5-7 emails about how to do a certain DVD burning tasks. To me these are simple answers and over the years I just assumed that the answers I was providing is now common knowledge. However this is clearly not the case as more and more people are just starting to get familiar with their DVD burners. So I decided to write about some of the hidden 'secrets' that everyone should know about while working with your DVD burner. ...Read More »
Recovering Data on Your Mac By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld Recovering data from your Mac can be quite difficult once the Trash folder is emptied. In many cases, getting back personal files on your Mac may result in only a partial recovery of your files and folders if you don't take the correct steps. ...Read More »
ASSIMILATE Announces SCRATCH Product Family on Mac OS X NAB 2011: ASSIMILATE (, the leading provider of powerful post-production tools for digital workflows, announced today that is bringing its next generation of SCRATCH high-performance, data-centric, dailies and DI products to Mac OS(r) X. ...Read More »
G-Technology G-Drive mobile 500GB By John Virata G-Technology has a new mobile drive targeted at users of Apple's MacBook Pro that is built around the FireWire 800 interface and a 5400rpm Hitachi hard drive. Called the G Drive mobile, the portable FireWire drive is formatted for Apple computers and is a Time Machine Ready 500GB drive. The drive features a new piano black top while the sides and bottom are brushed aluminum, in part to match Apple's line of aluminum MacBook Pro notebook computers. ...Read More »
How to Convert MPEG to DVD on Mac OS X By WIKI This step-to-step guide helps you to convert MPEG file to DVD on Mac and the output files can be played on a TV or on portable and home DVD players. ...Read More »
What is ISO, Play ISO Image on Mac, Copy DVD Movies to ISO on Mac on Mac By WIKI I. What is ISO Image? An ISO image is an archive file (also known as a disk image) of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This format is supported by many software vendors. ISO image files typically have a file extension of .iso. The name ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media, but an ISO image can also contain UDF file system because UDF is backward-compatible with ISO 9660. ...Read More »
Mac Workflow: Create a Blu-Ray disc with Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro By Heath McKnight It's very easy to create a basic Blu-ray Disc (BD) on a Mac with Roxio Toast 10 Titanium Pro and OWC's Mercury Pro BD/DVD/CD Burner. Last time, I explained how to do this with Adobe Encore CS4 and Apple Final Cut Pro 6 (FCP) with great results ...Read More »
Create and Burn Blu-ray Discs Using Final Cut Pro 6, Adobe Encore CS4 and OWC Mercury Pro BD/DVD/CD Burner By Heath McKnight One of the biggest complaints for Final Cut Pro (FCP) editors is the inability to create and burn Blu-ray Discs (BDs) with Macs. Windows apps seem to have all the fun with built-in BD creation/burning software (like Sony Vegas Pro and others). This article aims to help you create those BDs using FCP, Adobe Encore CS4 for Mac, and the excellent Other World Computing Mercury Pro BD/DVD/CD Burner. ...Read More »
Call Box's DVD Studio Pro: Special Edition Training DVD By Heath McKnight DVD creation is still going strong, and two of the best tools to get the most out of your DVD authoring is Call Box's DVD Studio Pro: Special Edition training DVD (for advanced users) and the Xerox CD/DVD Duplicator to help burn and copy those discs. ...Read More »
How to convert MOD Files on the Mac or import MOD Files into iMovie By WIKI If you have JVC Everio with 30GB hard drive, how do you convert MOD Files so I can import them into imovie? MOD is a computer file format used primarily to represent music, and was the first module file format. MOD files use the ".MOD" file extension, except on the Amiga where the original trackers instead use a "mod." prefix scheme, e.g. "mod.echoing". ...Read More »
Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher and Roxio`s Toast 9 Titanium By Heath McKnight Anyone involved with video editing will appreciate just how fast and convenient the Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher that supports burning Blu-rays/DVDs/CDs really is. Using the onboard software (Discribe for Mac, PTPublisher for Windows), it's the perfect set of tools for those looking to burn multiple discs. A perfect complement is Roxio's Toast 9 Titanium, which now supports Blu-ray Disc (BD) creation and burning. ...Read More »
Understanding the Export Options in Premiere Pro CS3 By Jeff Schell In this week's podcast, Host Jeff Schell walks you through the many options available for exporting your finished program in Premiere Pro CS3. Jeff explains when to use each option, and the differences between exporting via File > Export > Movie, and File > Export > Adobe Media Encoder. ...Read More »
Compressor 2.1 Essential Training: Advanced Compression Workflow By Larry Jordan Apple's latest version of its video and audio compression application, Compressor 2.1, packs a lot of new features and produces smaller video files for publishing to the Web or DVD. ...Read More »
Content Insider #89 By Miles Weston The human brain can absorb only so much before stuff starts spilling out. Many claim next generation DVD isn't being adopted because of format "issues." Wrong! If good enough is good enough why learn to use something new? Instead, it's a good day for watching baseball. ...Read More »
Sony DRX-830UL-T External DVD burner By John Virata While computer users still wait for HD DVD and Blu-RAY drives to come down to realistic price levels, DVD burners continue to get faster. Sony's latest line of external DVD burners includes the DRX-830UL-T, a multi-format drive that supports speeds that are so fast that the media can't keep up. ...Read More »
The Sony HDR-UX1 By David Hague The HDR-UX1 is the DVD based member of the family and weighs in at 660g. The Dual Layer compatible DVD mechanism (DVD-R, -RW and +RW are also supported). ...Read More »
Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher By Dave Nagel The cost of entry for disc production systems has just been lowered drastically. The Bravo SE, the latest in Primera's Bravo Line of Disc Publishers, offers all of the functionality of its predecessors, but with a reduced disc capacity and a price point that's $1,200 less than the Bravo II, its nearest competitor. ...Read More »
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