DVD Burning Software - Free vs Paid? By Rob Boirun, BurnWorld When you are evaluating the very best free software for DVD burning on Windows it's important to understand what is offered inside a free version over a paid version. While this article will explain several free burning apps and their benefits, I'll also explain a few paid options as well, as to what they offer over the freeware counterparts. ...Read More »
G-Technology G-Drive mobile 500GB By John Virata G-Technology has a new mobile drive targeted at users of Apple's MacBook Pro that is built around the FireWire 800 interface and a 5400rpm Hitachi hard drive. Called the G Drive mobile, the portable FireWire drive is formatted for Apple computers and is a Time Machine Ready 500GB drive. The drive features a new piano black top while the sides and bottom are brushed aluminum, in part to match Apple's line of aluminum MacBook Pro notebook computers. ...Read More »
Call Box's DVD Studio Pro: Special Edition Training DVD By Heath McKnight DVD creation is still going strong, and two of the best tools to get the most out of your DVD authoring is Call Box's DVD Studio Pro: Special Edition training DVD (for advanced users) and the Xerox CD/DVD Duplicator to help burn and copy those discs. ...Read More »
Roxio Toast 10 Titanium By Kevin Schmitt In what has become something of a Macworld tradition, Roxio once again used the annual gathering of Apple faithful as the backdrop for the unveiling of version 10 of its stalwart Toast Titanium media management product. As in past years, more features have been added and the upgrade price is still terrible, but this year there's a new wrinkle. Let's dive in to see what's changed this time around. ...Read More »
Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher and Roxio`s Toast 9 Titanium By Heath McKnight Anyone involved with video editing will appreciate just how fast and convenient the Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher that supports burning Blu-rays/DVDs/CDs really is. Using the onboard software (Discribe for Mac, PTPublisher for Windows), it's the perfect set of tools for those looking to burn multiple discs. A perfect complement is Roxio's Toast 9 Titanium, which now supports Blu-ray Disc (BD) creation and burning. ...Read More »
Roxio's Toast 9 Titanium By Kevin McAuliffe A few weeks ago, I was approached to take a look at Roxio's Toast 9 Titanium (T9T), and what first jumped into my head was that my Mac can already burn DVDs and CDs so why would I need a program to do it for me? Needless to say, I really didn't have high expectations for what I was going to be looking at, but let's put it through its paces and see if Toast can impress me. ...Read More »
Make your compressing jobs easier with Droplets in Apple's Compressor By Kevin McAuliffe One thing that always bothered me about Compressor (and really any compression tool on the market) was that it was always a tedious pain-in-the-butt process to set up all your QuickTimes to create DVD ready files (m2v & ac3). Thankfully, that is no longer the case! Apple has added a handy feature called "Droplets" into Compressor that will make your DVD (and other) file creation process a breeze. ...Read More »
ONE SIX RIGHT By Ko Maruyama The title of the documentary DVD is "One Six Right: The Romance of Flying" - it's a love story as told by those with a passion for general aviation. As the first independent film on HD DVD, the first documentary on HD DVD and the first aviation film on HD DVD, it's a beautiful look at the underrated Van Nuys Airport. ...Read More »
CS3 Production Premium for Motion Graphics and Interactive Enthusiasts, Part 2 By Kevin Schmitt Like the weekly serials of old, we left off last time with a cliffhanger. What treats were there to be found in the rest of the CS3 Production Premium bundle? Which goodies in After Effects, Encore, Photoshop Extended, and even OnLocation and Ultra would appeal to motion graphics and interactive folk? Well, you didn't have to wait too long to find out, so let's get this sucka done. ...Read More »
Sony DRX-830UL-T External DVD burner By John Virata While computer users still wait for HD DVD and Blu-RAY drives to come down to realistic price levels, DVD burners continue to get faster. Sony's latest line of external DVD burners includes the DRX-830UL-T, a multi-format drive that supports speeds that are so fast that the media can't keep up. ...Read More »
The Sony HDR-UX1 By David Hague The HDR-UX1 is the DVD based member of the family and weighs in at 660g. The Dual Layer compatible DVD mechanism (DVD-R, -RW and +RW are also supported). ...Read More »
Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher By Dave Nagel The cost of entry for disc production systems has just been lowered drastically. The Bravo SE, the latest in Primera's Bravo Line of Disc Publishers, offers all of the functionality of its predecessors, but with a reduced disc capacity and a price point that's $1,200 less than the Bravo II, its nearest competitor. ...Read More »
Toast 7 Titanium By Kevin Schmitt Over the years, Toast has changed hands more times than a Christmas fruitcake, yet still manages to remain (arguably, of course) the king of Mac-based disc authoring programs even amid a growing list of alternatives. Now owned by Sonic (yet still distributed under the Roxio moniker), Toast 7 Titanium packs a host of very useful new features and improvements that continue the proud Toast tradition, and despite the inexplicable continuation of what is perhaps the worst upgrade "deal" in the history of software, is still a good value. ...Read More »
Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 By Dave Nagel Apple's DVD Studio Pro is, in short, the very best authoring package you can get for the money--or anywhere close to the money. DVD Studio Pro 4 expands on this leading application's capabilities with the addition of high-definition DVD encoding and authoring, plus even deeper access to the DVD-video specification. On top of it all, encoding in DVD Studio Pro has been radically updated to allow for standards conversions (PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL), advanced frame interpolation, Dolby Digital Professional encoding, Qmaster network rendering and more. ...Read More »
LaCie's LightScribe-Enabled D2 By Frank Moldstad Recently my Pioneer DVD A04 failed after years of faithful service. So I went looking for an external DVD recorder to replace it, because I like the convenience of being able to move external storage devices -- hard drives, etc. -- from one computer to another. I chose the LaCie D2 DVD±RW recorder, primarily because of the wide range of disc formats it records. But it's a big plus that the drive is LightScribe-capable, making it possible to burn custom labels directly on the disc surface. ...Read More »
Primera BravoPro Disc Publisher By Dave Nagel When I reviewed Primera's first automated disc publishing system--the Bravo Disc Publisher--DVD was just making its way into everyday production, penetrating into the areas of corporate and event videography, marketing and presentations, not to mention post-production. Now, of course, DVD is a part of our everyday lives. And, fortunately, Primera's been keeping pace with our ever-increasing needs for better, faster DVD production. ...Read More »
First Impressions: Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 By Dave Nagel With all of the great gear announced at this year's NAB convention, held this week in Las Vegas, some of the more significant announcements haven't received nearly the attention they deserve. I number among these Apple's DVD Studio Pro 4, which even Apple itself seemed to want to downplay, focusing instead primarily on Final Cut Pro 5 and Soundtrack Pro. But DVD Studio Pro 4 is a dramatic, if not radical, advancement in authoring, one that will, no doubt, further propel the Mac platform to the forefront of DVD creation. ...Read More »
Dragon Burn 4 By John Virata Dragon Burn 4 is a $40 CD/DVD burning application for Mac OS X that features all the tools in one interface to burn your media. The premise behind Dragon Burn 4 is to be the one stop CD and DVD burning utility for the Macintosh. ...Read More »
Sony DRX 710ULT Dual Layer DVD Burner By John Virata Sony Electronics has been updating its DVD burners every six to eight months. The lastest offering from the consumer electronics giant is the DRX-710UL-T, a dual layer external drive that enables you to burn up to 8.5GB of data, or four hours of MPEG-2 video on a single dual layer (DL) DVD disc. ...Read More »
Power Mac G5 + 23-inch Cinema HD Display By John Virata When I first started in this business more than 10 years ago, the first computer that I bought was a Macintosh PowerBook 140 with 4MB RAM and a 40MB hard drive. I figured that since the Macintosh was the tool of choice in desktop publishing, it would be my choice as a first computer. ...Read More »
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