Dynamic End Jumps in DVD Studio Pro By Dave Nagel We've now explored two simple methods for creating custom end jumps for tracks, stories and chapters. One involved a couple of easy scripts; the other involved nothing more than replacing chapter links with story links. Now, though, I want to show you a way you can use scripts not just to target a "last viewed" menu dynamically, but to target any button on any menu based solely on the last button selected. ...Read More »
Conditional Chapter Jumps in DVD Studio Pro By Dave Nagel In DVD Studio Pro, the simplest way to to enable playback of individual chapters is to use the program's Story feature. However, this isn't always feasible. It's laborious, and you may have too many tracks and individual chapters to be able to do it at all. An alternate method is to use scripting to enable users to play either just one chapter or an entire track. (Even if you don't want to do that, there's a nice technique embedded in here for creating dynamic chapter buttons.) ...Read More »
Scripting System Streams in DVD Studio Pro By Dave Nagel Whether you like it or not, over the course of your DVD authoring career, there will come a time when you simply have to resort to scripting. One of those occasions is when you're working with multiple streams--whether those streams be audio, subtitles or angles. There's simply no way around it. In this first part in our third series on scripting in DVD Studio Pro, we'll take a look at scripting subtitles--specifically scripting buttons so that viewers can not only enable and disable them in a menu, but also resume where they left off. ...Read More »
Scripting a Dynamic 'Play All' Button in DVD Studio Pro 3 By Dave Nagel Last week we took a look at one quick method for merging tracks in order to create a "play all" button in Apple DVD Studio Pro. But that method isn't right for all situations. So this time we'll take a look at a way to use scripting to add this functionality to your project. No, this isn't a regurgitation of the scripts explained in DVDSP's manual. That method is too time-consuming. Instead, we'll try a new technique that requires only three short scripts. ...Read More »
DVD Studio Pro Scripting, Part 4 By Dave Nagel We now know how to construct an interactive quiz in DVD Studio Pro, one that keeps track of a user's score and also sets a time limit using a GPRM-based counter function. But what if we want to make things a bit more interesting for the viewer, adding in scenes from our main program that demonstrate the correct answer without eating up any of the time allotted to the test itself? In this next installment in our interactive quiz series, we'll look at how to pause and resume a timer for just this purpose. ...Read More »
DVD Studio Pro Scripting, Part 2 By Dave Nagel In our first look at scripting in Apple's DVD Studio Pro, we explored methods for creating "view previous" buttons by storing information in our General Purpose Register Memories, or GPRMs. This time we take it a step further by setting values for multiple GPRMs and using math to keep track of these values as they build up. Why? Well, we're going to set up a quiz for our viewers that will allow us to keep score and dole out rewards and punishments as we deem appropriate. Sound difficult? It really isn't. Trust me. ...Read More »
DVD Studio Pro Scripting By Dave Nagel For most, scripting in DVD Studio Pro is a complete mystery. It's not that it's complex by any means; it's just that there's a dearth of accessible documentation and a lack of real-world examples to provide a reference point for getting started. Nevertheless, scripting can be an essential part of your DVD presentation and can also save you hours of repetitive, redundant work. In short, if you create DVDs, you ought to know scripting. ...Read More »
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